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Hello world!

Hello there,

Firstly, I would like to  introduce myself. My name is Julie Walters and I am a TEFL Teacher.  To find out more about me and my work please feel free to view my profile.

My aim for this website is to share and develop free/low cost TEFL resources to help you learn and teach English. The resources will be suitable for students and teachers alike.  There will be a variety of learning resources organised on 4 pages; the links for which can be located on the top of the right hand side column of this page.

I have been blogging for a little while and so if you want to cast an eye over some of my material, it is all on my Facebook, Google Plus and Tumblr page which you can access from the bottom of this post.

Hope you enjoy your learning and please feel free to comment on activities.

English Spelling – When to Double Consonants (“swimming” “stopped” etc.) · engVid

English Spelling – When to Double Consonants (“swimming” “stopped” etc.) · engVid

This is probably an Intermediate/Higher Intermediate level of resource.  Basically, consonants are doubled in some spellings of English words.  When this happens on of the consonants in the double is said to be ‘silent’ as we don’t say the sound twice.

The rules of when consonants are doubled are covered in this video.

The consonant is doubled with comparatives (er endings), superlatives (est endings), with the past tense of verbs (ed endings)and the continuous forms (ing endings).

The rule of doubling the consonant when words end in a consonant, vowel and a consonant is also covered (the CVC rule).  For example – STOP – STOPPED.

Stress is in two syllable words is also noted, the consonant being doubled when the stress lies on the second syllable of a word.

Altogether, an extremely comprehensive resource.