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BBC One – Nature’s Miracle Babies, Episode 1, Mimicking mum

BBC One – Nature’s Miracle Babies, Episode 1, Mimicking mum

Series Producer:  Annie Heather
Presenter:  Martin Hughes-Games
Executive Producer:  Sara Ford

Watch the baby panda’s in incubators that ensure they get the best possible start to life.

  • How many times a day do the pandas go into the incubator?
  • Why are they put in incubators?
  • What 2 conditions are closely monitored while the baby panda is in the incubator?.
  • How else is the baby panda’s progress monitored?
  • Where do the babies spend most of the day?
  • What is ‘mimicking’ mum in the video?

Horror Films

Horror Films

Do you like horror films? An audio file with a listening comprehension which requires you to answer true/false questions after familiarising yourself with some of the vocabulary associated with this genre of film. Add a comment to the website at the end of the exercise, it will give you the opportunity to express your opinion on horror films.

Personally, I don’t like them.  I hide behind cushions on the sofa, go to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee.  I do anything to get me out of watching them!

The Sheka Forest Listening Comprehension Resource

The Sheka Forest Story – Wisdom from the Past, Resilience for the Future

The Sheka Forest Story shows the power of collaboration.
The Sheka forest is one of Ethiopia’s largest and last remaining tropical forests. Clan leaders, the local community and the local government have come together with the support of local partner, Melca Ethiopia, to help secure the future of the forest, its rich bio-cultural diversity and to enhance sustainable livelihood options.
The story tells an enchanting tale of the complexities of forest governance at a time when it has never been more critical.
“It takes everyone to protect a forest. It only takes a few to destroy it”.
A film made with partner Melca Ethiopia. More about Melca Ethiopia here 

This resource is a video listening task. Components of the lesson are loaded on the TEFL Communicative Resources ready to go.  The teacher’s key and student sheet can be downloaded and printed from that page.